Hazardous Wastes

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Dealing with Hazardous Wastes and Contamination

Dealing with Hazardous Wastes and ContaminationThe efficient, safe and cost effective management of waste materials is one of the biggest challenges faced by the construction industry. With a constantly changing regulatory regime, especially in relation to hazardous wastes, Land Logical have an experienced team at your disposal to help with all these issues.

Encountering contaminated land can be another hurdle to overcome! Not a problem for Land Logical; we can put in place a structured and planned risk assessment approach and carry out site investigations. We will analyse the area in question using state of the art testing equipment and provide a full report along with a practical solution.

Our team are equipped to deal with most contaminants including:

  • Asbestos
  • Hydrocarbons
  • VOCs and SVOCs
  • PDBs

Land Logical provides a removal service for these contaminants, including issue of Environment Agency-approved disposal documentation in accordance with current legislation and regulation.