Risebridge Golf Club

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topographical changes to existing bunds around the driving range at the Golf Centre

5 Risebridge Chase, Romford, RM1 4PR

Planning permission has been granted to allow for topographical changes to the existing bunds around the driving range at the Golf Centre. The proposal allows for inert and clean material to be imported to raise the height of the existing bunds. The driving range itself runs south east from the building and the levels fall into the south west corner, where there is localised pooling of water.

The works seek to remedy the pooling issue whilst also making qualitative improvements to the peripheral bunding to help retain golf balls within the confines of the range and improve safety for members of the public utilising adjacent footpaths.

The work involves changing the direction of drainage within the existing driving range by importing clean and inert material in order to raise finished ground levels at its southern end. This will result in a change in the flow direction of surface water run-off so that it flows in a northerly direction and discharges into a ditch adjacent to the western bund.

In order to achieve the amended ground levels, the existing topsoil within the driving range will be scraped off and stockpiled nearby, then clean and inert material will be imported to raise the levels. Once the required fill has been placed, the site will be graded and re-contoured to ensure the correct gradients before capping and restoring with the stored topsoil (to a depth of approximately 400mm). The driving range surface will be restored with a suitable general purpose amenity grass mix. Some reprofiling of the bunds will also be required and these will be sown with a species-rich grass mix suitable for clay soils with the aim of enhancing biodiversity within the golf course; they will be managed as long-grass habitat. Post-completion planting of the outer bund banks is also proposed, to comprise a mix of native tree and shrub.

A particular challenge of this project has been to design the engineering operations so that the golf course which adjoins the driving range can remain open at all times.