What We Do

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Land Logical can take an interest in projects from inception, starting with a willingness to undertake self-funded site assessments and viability appraisals, through all aspects of securing permissions and consents for implementation, to practical delivery and post-completion management.

We take on difficult sites, maybe with contamination or gas management issues that are acting as a deterrent to their re-use. We are able to realise the potential of Land with latent mineral reserves.  We're equally adept at working for and understanding the needs of both public and private clients, and are happy to partner with the voluntary sector too. We can purchase land, create and share royalties from projects undertaken, or simply work on a fee basis.

Some land clearly is right to prepare for development ; other sites lend themselves to an after-use such as recreation or natural habitat as green infastructure. But Land Logical also understands the potential for mixed uses, through which revenue streams can be created for sustainable management that would not otherwise be possible.  We are particularly skilled at schemes that involve realising the potential for green energy, creating water bodies and wetlands, or landscapes designed for active leisure pursuits.

But it’s not just what we do but how we do it that makes Land Logical different. Our approach to all Land- based projects, in the process of which inconvenience may be caused to surrounding communities, is to consult with integrity and invest some of the revenues created back into them to address local needs. Where it appropriate to involve local people in projects, provide jobs or maybe educational activities, then these will be built into the planning too.