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Who we are

Land LogicalLand Logical is an independently owned and managed company that provides creative, practical, and cost effective solutions and services for landowners and the construction industry.

The UK is an increasingly crowded island, where the drivers for sustainable use of land and natural resources have never been greater. We pride ourselves in building a business where our technical expertise and capabilities are matched by a commitment to innovation and ‘going the extra mile’ for customers.

The combined knowledge and experience of Land Logical’s staff in land restoration and remediation, aggregate extraction, landfill gas to energy, demolition and the management of waste add up to hundreds of years! Apart from the in-house team, we have relationships with many other professionals in specialist disciplines, such as PDE, Tarmac, Hydroc, Royal Haskoning DHV, SLR, Golders, Initial, Land Fill Gas Systems and numerous construction waste hauliers, so that we have the flexibility to provide the right expertise for every job.

We employ a full-time dedicated Heath & Safety Officer, have a robust Environmental Management policies in line with ISO 14001, and provide outcomes to ISO 9001 standard quality.